Wine Stories

Every Marisa Cuomo wine has its own story, made by moving images.


From our series Vini [di] Versi

And did you get what

you wanted from this life, even so?

I did.

And what did you want?

To call myself beloved, to feel myself

beloved on the earth.

The text is taken from the poetry "Late Fragment" di Raymond Carver


From our series Vini [di] Versi

Come to my garden walk, my love.

Pass by the fervid flowers that

press themselves on your sight.

Pass them by,

stopping at some chance joy,

that like a sudden wonder of sunset

illumines, yet eludes.

The text is taken from the poetry "Lover's Gifts II" di Rabindranath Tagore


From our series Vini [di] Versi.

"Vedi, in questi silenzi in cui le cose

s'abbandonano e sembrano vicine

a tradire il loro ultimo segreto,

talora ci si aspetta

di scoprire uno sbaglio di Natura,

il punto morto del mondo, l'anello che non tiene,

il filo da disbrogliare che finalmente ci metta

nel mezzo di una verità."

The text is taken from the poetry "I limoni" di Eugenio Montale


From our series Vini [di] Versi.

"Se non dovessi tornare

sappiate che non sono mai partito,

il mio viaggiare

è stato tutto un restare

qua, dove non fui mai."

The text is taken from the poetry of Giorgio Caproni "Biglietto lasciato prima di non andare via"


From our series Vini [di] Versi.

"There's a blue bird in my heart

that wants to get out

but I'm too tough for him

I say, stay in there,

I'm not going to let anybody see you.

There's a blue bird in my heart that

wants to get out."

The text is taken from the poetry "Bluebird" di Charles Bukowski


From our series Vini [di] Versi.

"Non aspetto nessuno:

ma deve venire,

verrà, se resisto

a sbocciare non visto,

verrà d’improvviso,

quando meno l’avverto."

The text is taken from the poetry Clemente Rebora "Dall'immagine tesa"

A Wine Story

First Chapter

The tradition of Marisa Cuomo is the soul of the company, a story that begins in 1980 and grows with us, and until now, every day.

The Grape Harvest Time

Second Chapter

Cantine Marisa Cuomo are located in Furore, the town that "is not there". Here we produce a wine that takes its essence from rock and sea of this territory; as in the myth of Aphrodite that emerges from the foam of the waves, they are unique wines, they seduce and ask to be loved.

Tradition and Future

Third Chapter

Our tradition is what transports our past into the future. This attitude is everywhere: in the glass you hold in your hands, inside the aromas that wake up in your nose and mouth, in all the details of our wines you will find the history of our places and work.

An Heroic Wine

Fourth Chapter

Our wines are heroic and the grapes grow in impervious areas. They have a strong, original character, like the Fiorduva which has the color of gold and the smell of the sun. Where just few arrive, it grows up the best grapes. Where no one would cultivate them, we decided to plant our vineyards.

The Magnificient Nine

Fifth Chapter

Cantine Marisa Cuomo is wine culture since 1983, this is the year the company was born as a wedding gift from Andrea to Marisa. Since the beginning it has been a true love story: vast like the sea and strong like the rocks on which the vines grow. This love is the great passion from which our wines come to light.