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Among vines and rocks rising vertically over the sea of Furore, we find Cantine Marisa Cuomo.

The grapes that grow here, clinging to the rocks of Furore, are exposed to the magical action of the sun and sea of the Amalfi Coast. The charm of the geometry of the estate’s vineyards is joined by the beautiful wine cellar dug into the rock.

Since 1980, the year in which the winegrowing estate was established, Cantine Marisa Cuomo has belonged to Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo, and it occupies an area of 10 hectares.

The selection of noble grapes, the search for the right degree of freshness and humidity, combined with the passage of time, old secrets handed down by the local winemakers and the advanced technology used by today’s wine technicians give life to wines of the finest quality, appreciated the world over.

Andrea Ferraioli and Marisa Cuomo, with oenologist Luigi Moio and the estate’s winegrowers, decide to focus on quality to stand out from the crowd in the Italian oenology sector, with wines with a taste that is just as unique and extraordinary as the Furore coast.


Furore! A sort of Neverland

Try a wine and savour all the authentic taste of a remarkable territory. Furore, the village clinging to the Divina Costiera, breathes the charm of the Gulf of Amalfi.

Furore! Neverland.

Don’t look for a ring of houses standing round a square here. You won’t find it. Furore, the village that isn’t a village, with its houses scattered on the slopes of the mountain, dropping sheer down to the sea, offers tiny samples of itself, allowing itself to be discovered with flirtatious bashfulness.

You will walk along paths and “petingoli”, squeezed between small plots of land claimed miraculously from the rock and cultivated with age-old love, almost stubbornly.

You will drink fresh and lively wines – both red and white, “capable of filling you with all the sunshine and joyfulness possible”. You will admire vineyards and gardens, terraces and pergolas, hillocks and bending roads that plunge down to the sea. And walls: dry stone walls, painted walls, illustrated walls. Speaking walls. Artistic walls. And churches, tall bell towers and Arab-influenced domes. A vortex of panoramas bathed in silent light, suspended, unreal and secret, just like a fairy tale.

You will listen to the silence.

You will capture the breath of the universe in the distant voice of the sea. You will sense the perfume of myth in the breath of a nymph who’s in love and has always inhabited these ravines. You will live in a dreamy, yet disturbing atmosphere, where every glance is an emotion and every thought a dream.

Raffaele Ferraioli


Wine tourism on the Amalfi Coast: the unique flavour of a wine and the magic of an extreme territory. Guided tours to reveal the secrets of Cantine Marisa Cuomo in Furore.

Steep slopes that stretch out in the sun and rocks that plunge into the crystal clear water of the Amalfi Coast.

Among enchanting bays and coves, the vineyards of Cantine Marisa Cuomo dominate the “Fiordo di Furore” fjord overlooking the Gulf of Salerno.

By booking one of our guided tours, it is possible to visit the estate’s cellars and vineyards, sample the unique flavour of its extreme wines and taste the gastronomic specialities of Furore.

Tour & tasting

from Monday to Saturday
Open by reservation from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (tastings available until sold out)

For information and bookings:

Raffaela +39 333 4313667

Extreme wines

With its audacious flavour, Fiorduva is a heroic wine filled with the essence of sea and rock, characterised by the colour of gold and the scent of the sun.

Fiorduva is an extreme wine.

The “Vini Estremi” (i.e., Extreme Wines) are heroic wines, children of the hard work, sweat and industriousness of man; they are often produced in unknown, geographically unbroken, at times impossible areas, and cultivated in tiny plots of land snatched away from the mountainside, the rocks and the sea. From Trentino-Alto Adige to Sardinia, from Valle d'Aosta to the island of Pantelleria, from Valtellina to the Amalfi Coast, from the Cinque Terre to the slopes of Etna, the ancient Enotria boasts a myriad wines that have survived wars, plagues and the scourge of phylloxera.

Grape varieties which, thanks to the tenacity and passion of certain small-scale but great winegrowers, have been plucked out of oblivion and are still able to offer the followers of Bacchus the most extraordinary wines.

These wines are drenched in history and suggestiveness, they are rare (only a few thousand bottles are made) and precious, and they can be rightfully included in the market niches appreciated particularly by those who love authentic wines, which have nothing to do with mass-produced concoctions readily available in every corner of the world.

Gianpaolo Girardi

Wine Stories

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Every Marisa Cuomo wine has its own story, made by moving images.