Extreme Wines

With its audacious flavour, Fiorduva is a heroic wine
filled with the essence of sea and rock,
characterised by the colour of gold and the scent of the sun.

Fiorduva is an extreme wine

The “Vini Estremi” (i.e., Extreme Wines) are heroic wines, children of the hard work, sweat and industriousness of man; they are often produced in unknown, geographically unbroken, at times impossible areas, and cultivated in tiny plots of land snatched away from the mountainside, the rocks and the sea.

From Trentino-Alto Adige to Sardinia, from Valle d'Aosta to the island of Pantelleria, from Valtellina to the Amalfi Coast, from the Cinque Terre to the slopes of Etna, the ancient Enotria boasts a myriad wines that have survived wars, plagues and the scourge of phylloxera.

Grape varieties which, thanks to the tenacity and passion of certain small-scale but great winegrowers, have been plucked out of oblivion and are still able to offer the followers of Bacchus the most extraordinary wines.

Gianpaolo Girardi

Wines with heroic flavour

These wines are drenched in history and suggestiveness, they are rare (only a few thousand bottles are made) and precious, and they can be rightfully included in the market niches appreciated particularly by those who love authentic wines, which have nothing to do with mass-produced concoctions readily available in every corner of the world.

Gianpaolo Girardi